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As a personal injury litigator since 1977, I understand the problems and concerns your clients may have, and why they may need temporary funding to allow time for you to obtain for them the greatest settlement or verdict possible.

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I also understand how much money is required to successfully pursue PI cases for your clients…the depositions, the expert fees, the preparation for trial. I can provide you with a loan for your law practice, for settled cases, or for the costs of trial preparation.

I promise to advance funds to your client for the lowest possible fees, and to beat any written quoted fee from any competitor.

I will never provide funding to your client without your specific approval and consent. And, I will never fund a case to the extent that the client no longer has any incentive to settle their case at a figure that you feel is appropriate and reasonable.

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And For Both You And Your Clients...

Because I self-fund all money advanced, you will find that my payback schedule is only a fraction of what others are able to provide, thereby saving your clients thousands of dollars.

I allow your client to keep more of the money that you have fought so hard to get for them.

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