Can You Receive Lawsuit Funding Without a Michigan Attorney?

Litigation funding with an attorney

The Importance of a Personal Injury Attorney in Michigan

In order to be eligible for litigation funding, you almost always need to have an attorney representing your case. Clients frequently ask why it is necessary to have an attorney trying the case. In a nutshell the reasons are as follows.

  1. Lawsuit Funding companies need a mechanism to be repaid when the case settles.
  2. In general, a pre-settlement funding firm will not be comfortable relying on an individual to repay the contract without an attorney taking the responsibility of dispensing the settlement proceeds.

Other Benefits

In addition to the benefits of getting access to legal investment, there are other advantages of having an attorney on board to pursue your lawsuit.

  1. Professional representation – The opposing Insurance groups will recognize that a qualified lawyer expects to earn a contingency fee for representing the case. Therefore the case can be taken into consideration worthy of advantage in at the least one professional opinion.
  2.  If a lawsuit is to be filed, a professional is already available to go through what can be a very targeted and complex process who will pursue the case further.
  3. Having a dependable professional available to answer plaintiff questions. Often plaintiffs have questions about their case that need answers. One of the best assets of your case is your private injury attorney.
  4. Help in Building your case. Your personal injury lawyer is skilled inside the pleasant manner to present your case to the defendant and to the courts.

Lawsuit funding is a way to get immediate cash to plaintiffs affected by the monetary needs inherent in pursuing their lawsuit. The requirements of the lawsuit cash advance or “lawsuit loan” is dependent on the scale and nature of the incident of the case. The amount of insurance coverage is also a factor.

Who should apply for Pre-Settlement Funding?

Each state’s guidelines may differ on the payouts of settlements, so it’s important to do research and also clarify through your attorney representing your case for more statistics. Amongst plaintiffs in search of lawsuit funding, vehicle accidents are a common form of claim. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has posted that there are around five million car and truck injuries annually. Many of these injuries result in extreme injury or even death. It is expected that 40,000 deaths occur by automobile injuries every year. Approximately 5,000 deaths occur each year due to truck injuries.

Litigation Funding, LLC is one of the most respected Funding firms in Michigan, with relationships with over 250 Michigan attorneys. Pre-settlement Funding is beneficial because it helps plaintiffs get the payout they deserve. The money provided by the settlement or verdict via lawsuit funding can provide significant monetary leverage until settlement.

Benefits of Litigation Funding

Litigation Funding, or cash advances, for a personal injury is one of the best options to deal with monetary distress until a settlement or verdict of your lawsuit. Only after you win do you need to pay back the cash advance provided. If you do not win the settlement, no money is owed whatsoever. Moreover, bad credit is no problem at all.

Like all lawsuits, the value of your case increases with documentation showing legal negligibility of the defendant, damages, and adequate insurance for the defendant. If there was already a proposal to settle the case, this will also help the probabilities of receiving pre-settlement funding.

While your case is in litigation, in may be critical to finance your lawsuit to avoid monetary turmoil and burden from legal and medical costs. Litigation Funding, LLC provides a cash advance for plaintiffs suffering from any of the instances noted above. With over 250 partnered lawyers in Michigan, Litigation Funding, LLC is a leader in pre-settlement financing. Through Litigation Funding, LLC, obtaining a cash advance is straightforward. Medical bills and legal expenses may be burdensome depending on the size and scope of the lawsuit. Because personal injury lawsuits can take a long time to settle with no clear timeline, it can make a big difference to apply for pre-settlement financing.

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