5 Ways Settlement Funding Can Help

5 Ways Settlement Funding Can Help Michigan Plaintiffs

You've Been Injured - Now What?

After suffering a personal injury, many people feel utterly overwhelmed by living expenses and medical bills while claiming an injury settlement to compensate for injuries incurred. This is where Litigation Funding, LLC comes in. Settlement funding from a reputable Michigan funding company can help you pay for all of your accruing expenses while waiting for the lawsuit’s settlement. One of the best parts about settlement funding is that it is “non-recourse”, which means that we only get paid back if your settlement is successful. If for whatever reason your case is thrown out you won’t have to pay any of the money back to us. 

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Cover

Some common types of personal injury cases that we cover include all of which that incurred because of the defendant’s negligence. Here are some examples:

  1. Malpractice: Malpractice is a large sub-category of cases that occur when a doctor or hospital performs improper care to patients, leading to suboptimal results – injury, or death.
  2. Vehicle accidents: The driver responsible for a collision can usually be held responsible for damages
  3. Medication recall: Those who have taken medication that is ends up getting recalled by the FDA and/or linked to serious illnesses.
  4. Slip and Fall: Slip and fall lawsuits includes anytime a person slips or trips on someone else’s property that occurred because of some sort of negligence on the part of the property owner.
  5. Product liability: Those who have been injured by defective products, such as tools, mechanical parts, kitchen appliances, etc., can take legal action by suing the manufacturer.
  6. Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering include situations in which someone was injured in a way that also incurred additional injury-related losses.

5 Ways Settlement Funding Can Help

  1. Medical Bills. For those whose injury necessitates surgery or ongoing care, hospital costs can add up quickly. You can use the Michigan settlement funding to cover doctor fees, hospital bills, and any related expenses.
  2. Credit Card Bills. Many people use settlement funding cash to keep up with paying their bills. During a time when you may not be working because of the injury it’s especially difficult to keep up to date with the money you owe. 
  3. Basic Essentials: Plaintiffs can use lawsuit funding to purchase regular necessities, such as food, clothing and and other groceries.
  4. Housing-related costs: Settlement funding can also be used to pay down the cost of your house’s mortgage or rent.
  5. Car Payments. Many people lease or buy a car with the expectation that they’ll be able to continue paying their monthly dues. However, after a serious injury bills like these often get neglected, eventually leading to interest buildup. Injury cash advances allow plaintiffs to keep up to date with their car payments. 


When considering to apply for Michigan settlement funding, make sure to consider whether or not you need cash as soon as possible because of your pending lawsuit and how much you may need. Take into account these 5 factors and prepare a rough estimate of how much cash may be necessary to hold you over until your settlement finally comes to fruition. Receiving funding in Detroit, Michigan does not have to be complicated and definitely does not need to take a lot of time.  Call Litigation Funding, LLC today for a free consultation. Send us a message or call us at (248) 353-8830. 

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