How The Coronavirus Pandemic Affects Litigation Funding

Coronavirus Pandemic For Litigation Funding

The Affect of Covid-19 on Our Society

The coronavirus is affecting each component of our society. Especially prone are those customers who are suffering financially while waiting for a lawsuit to settle. Worse yet, The longer it takes for the economy to restart, the stronger the impact on your financial standing. 

Strict governmental restrictions, along with Michigan’s current directive to close parks, restrict social gatherings, and to shutter dine-in restaurants, could suggest working individuals will soon be out of a job as their employers are forced to close their businesses. With an unprecedented increase in lay-offs around the world, clients may be going through extremely difficult financial times.

Wether you are an attorney and your client has been affected by the crisis or you yourself have a pending lawsuit, there may be a great choice available: pre-settlement funding.

The Litigation Funding Process

If the lawsuit is eligible, litigation funding (also referred to as “pre-settlement funding”) can be the solution. If you are an attorney, you can work with us to help your clients receive substntial funding during this troubling time.

The process is simple. Once clients apply, they can receive cash within 24 hours. The advanced sum is repaid only if the case settles. As long as you cooperate fully with your attorney, the funding will not need to be repaid if the lawsuit is unsuccessful

During these difficult times, it’s reasonable to assume that the need for litigation funding will blossom while the coronavirus lingers. Employees from all sectors are are being affected by coronavirus shutdowns. The most effective and risk-free method of obtaining cash during a lawsuit is pre-settlement funding. 

What you can do now

Ensuring that you and your family have the means necessary to make basic payments and keep sufficient food on the table is of utmost importance. If you’re someone who’s been injured and needs some quick cash, call us to learn more about pre-settlement funding. One of the biggest advantages of pre-settlement funding is that you only pay if you win your case. Otherwise, you keep the money and have no debt to us whatsoever.

If you’re an attorney and have clients that might need extra money for their family during a long settlement process, call us. We’re always willing to help and we pride ourselves on the best rates around. 

No one knows how long this disaster will last. Litigation Funding, LLC provides the opportunity to lessen the financial strain of clients to ensure they stay financially solvent while fighting their cases. We strive to help every client that walks through our door with their financial needs. In fact, we will beat any written agreement your client receives for funding. Call (248) 353-8830 today to apply or learn more. 

If you have any questions about the pre-settlement process, visit our FAQ page or contact us today.

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